Party DJ

Harley Entertainment is a five star entertainment company. We have over 70 five stars on sites such as Google, Trustpilot and bark. We mix every song with the next to create an amazing atmosphere for you and all your guests. 

Its all down to you! Tell us how you want the perfect party and we will do our best to set the scene for you and create the best night of not just you but everyone who is there.

If you want to you can send us a playlist or just let us know what music, artists or specific songs you would like and our specially trained and experienced party DJ's will prepare the night for you.

We create live recorded mixes so that customers can listen to what we do before even booking us. 

Take a listen below!

Our Party DJ's are fully mobile and cover the whole of London and Essex.We turn up early to set everything up so when people walk through that door you can see but most importantly hear us.

Below are just a couple of parties we have played at see what you think.