Harley DJ & Entertainment is a professional mobile disco and DJ company based in London. Our mobile DJ's cover London, Kent and Essex to deliver quality events to clients looking for wedding DJ's, Party DJ's and also corporate event DJ's. 

Our address is 417 Brentwood road, Gidea park, RM2 6DD

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Venues We Have Played Mobile DJ London

At Harley DJ & Entertainment we have enjoyed playing not only at huge historic British halls but also the smaller British pubs we are happy to play where ever there is a crowd wanting that great sound we bring.

But here are just a few of our favorite venues we have played.

London Sky Bar is one of those amazing events that you just cannot get enough of the views! Overlooking the whole of London while listening to amazing mix of music with your mates having a party.

Nothing better!

London Sky Bar is a great venue if you want to party in style.

The party we hosted was for graduating collage students having there last party together to celebrate there final exams being over.

It was a great night with great staff always on hand to help anyone with anything.

As you can see below, they all enjoyed themselves.

Here is a couple of videos from the London Sky Bar we were at. Excuse the video quality as it was filmed on an IPhone we now have much better quality videos coming soon!

Second on our best venues list is the above.

The Royal Garden Hotel.

The Royal Garden Hotel is a magnificent venue to host a large party from night until morning. ( As we were there until 3:30am!)

The party was just like the venue truly amazing and visually outstanding.

We held a party called 'A night at the Grammys' So everyone was looking very smart in there suits and dresses.

The main venue will hold around 400-500 people with a bar and bathrooms just outside from the seating area.


We were invited to Atik to cover two night of the weekend Friday and Saturday.

What a great two nights they were.

Atik is a popular nightclub in Colchester comprising of 4 individual nightclubs inside of its building. The place is always almost full every weekend. We willed it with amazing music and a great atmosphere and would love to do it again!